This section showcases Daikyo Seiko’s sustainability initiatives.

Daikyo Seiko’s policies for sustainability activities

Daikyo Seiko’s corporate philosophy is to “Contributing to society and our employees’ wellbeing.” With this philosophy in mind when developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical and medical packaging, Daikyo Seiko engages in sustainable business activities while considering impact on society and the environment – not simply economic development.
Daikyo Seiko’s policy for sustainability activities aligns with contributing to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its policies are listed below.

Sustainable Development Goals
Management philosophy Topic Policy Relevance to SDGs
Employee wellbeing Safety and health Safety and health are top priorities at Daikyo Seiko. We strive to eliminate occupational accidents, look after the mental and physical health of our employees and maintain a hygienic work environment.
Labor and human rights In line with international approaches to respecting human rights, we root out discrimination and human rights infringements, accept diversity and promote improvements to working conditions and welfare. By doing this we have built a workplace environment that is satisfying and supporting to work in.
Social contributions Quality By thoroughly implementing quality control that includes compliance with laws and regulations (e.g., GMP) and through Dynamic Innovation, we consistently provide high-quality and high-value-added pharmaceutical and medical packaging to medical front lines around the world.
Supply chain We aim to deepen mutual understanding by taking on social and environmental issues through collaboration across entire supply chains and, through synergy generated in that cooperation, maintain a business that continually operates in a stable manner and grows even further.
Laws and regulations / compliance and ethics We engage in fair and transparent corporate activities by maintaining high ethical standards and thoroughly enhancing our corporate governance, complying with laws and regulations and preventing corruption.
Environmental preservation To minimize environmental burdens caused by corporate activities, we tackle reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting regional environments and biodiversity, conserving natural resources and reducing waste.
Social contribution While keeping in mind that we are a member of local communities and global society, we promote activities that contribute to everyone, with the aim of enriching our world.

Details of activities

Supply chain

Laws and regulations compliance and ethics

Social contribution

Occupational Safety and Health

Safety and Health Policy

Daikyo has established "Safety and Health Management Regulations" for the purpose of creating a comfortable work environment that ensures the safety and health of employees. Based on these rules, we continue to improve the workplace environment and promote the creation of a bright and lively workplace free from accidents and illnesses.

Health and Safety Management System

The Safety Committee and the Health Committee have been established with the plant manager as the general safety and health manager.
Each committee meets once a month, and the Safety Committee conducts risk assessments to prevent industrial accidents.
The Health Committee formulates measures to maintain and promote workers' health, and the Safety Committee works to improve health and safety.

Health Management

Health Management Declaration

Our management philosophy is Employee wellbeing and CSR activities.
In order to realize this philosophy, we believe it is of utmost importance that our employees remain healthy, both physically and mentally.
We declare that the entire organization is committed to creating a workplace environment where each and every employee can work happily, healthily, and to the best of their abilities.

President, Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.
Morihiro Sudo

Organizational Structure for Health Management Promotion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I)

Action plans based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace

Formulate the following action plan in order to develop a work environment in which all employees (i.e., both men and women) are actively involved and employees can strike a work-life balance.

1.Plan period

Five-year period (from March 1, 2022, to February 28, 2027)

2.Challenges at the Company

(i) The percentage of management positions held by women is low.
(ii) Creating a workplace culture in which both men and women can contribute to their work life and home life.


Goal 1 (Goal related to providing work-life-related opportunities)
Establish a percentage of women working at the level just before management positions (i.e., subsection managers and leaders) to at least 30%.


From March 2022: Grasp the current situation and confirm what the issues are, and then seek to share awareness of problems.
From September 2022: Formulate and disseminate information about plans to support a smooth transition back to work when returning from childcare leave.
From August 2023: Conduct training to raise awareness of career enhancement for young employees.
From August 2024: Conduct management training for management positions related to working styles.
From September 2025: Analyze the status of progress and review initiatives for achieving goals.

Through the above, we prevent employees from having to abandon their careers due to entering new stages in their lives.

Goal 2 (goal related to compatibility of work life and home life)
Keep the monthly average overtime hours within 15 hours (decrease of at least 5% compared to FY2021 level).


From March 2022: Streamline work, strive to optimize personnel and reduce time spent working outside of certain hours.

Goal 3 (Goal based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children)
Create a workplace culture in which both men and women can contribute to their work lives and their home lives.


From March 2023: Consider initiatives for encouraging male employees to take childcare leave.
From April 2023: Disseminate information via the Company’s intranet about various systems related to raising the next generation such as childcare leave and leave taken before and after childbirth.
From January 2024: Expand our reduced working hours system and flextime system for facilitating childcare, disseminate information to employees, and seek to encourage use of those systems.

Publishing information related to status of activities engaged in by women

Percentage of management positions held by women: 9.4%
Percentage of subsection management positions held by female workers: 24.5%
Difference in average number of years worked between men/women: 90.33% (as of February 28, 2022)
Average overtime hours per month per worker: 16.42 hours (average for November 2020 to October 2021)

Work style reform and work-life balance

Support for balancing childcare and nursing care

To help employees balance work and childcare/nursing care, Daikyo have established a childcare leave system and a nursing care leave system.
Each system stipulates the use of leave and vacation time, restrictions on working hours and late-night work, and shorter working hours.

Introduction of Work-from-home system

Work-from-home system is introduced to help employees achieve work-life balance, improve productivity and meet the needs of employees who require flexible work styles.

Prohibition of Discrimination and human rights violation

Education to prevent discrimination and Harassment

Based on our management policy ‘Employee wellbeing and CSR activities’, Daikyo respect the human rights of our employees and never discriminate against them based on race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, or creed.
We also have a code of conduct that states we will never engage in sexual harassment, power harassment, or any other form of harassment.
To this end, we provide education to our employees to disseminate correct knowledge on the prevention of discrimination, human rights infringement, and harassment.

Reporting and Consultation Service for Discrimination and Harassment

Daikyo has established a consultation service that all employees can freely use to discuss harassment and other concerns.
This consultation service is designed to protect the privacy of the person consulting, and no disadvantageous treatment will be given for consulting or for cooperating in confirming the facts.

Supplier code of conduct

Daikyo is a company that is trusted and chosen by customers, patients, and other stakeholders.
We fulfill our corporate social responsibility in our procurement activities.

Business Integrity and Fair Competition

  • ・In selecting a partner for a transaction, we will make a fair, impartial, and comprehensive judgment based on thorough safety measures, consideration for the environment, and quality assurance.
  • ・We will make fair, impartial, and comprehensive judgments, taking into consideration stable supply, technology, and other factors.
  • ・We aim to realize a partnership of mutual coexistence and co-prosperity.


  • ・We do not tolerate human rights violations, including forced labor, child labor, and various forms of discrimination.
  • ・We will actively procure non-conflict mineral materials that respect human rights and are produced and distributed in an environment that is safe for the working environment.
  • ・In our procurement activities, we will comply with the laws and social norms of the countries concerned.
  • ・Those engaged in procurement activities shall comply with the Daikyo Seiko Code of Conduct.

Global Environmental Conservation (Green Procurement)

  • ・To minimize our impact on the natural environment, we promote procurement of materials with low environmental impact in consideration of resource and energy conservation.
  • ・In order to promote the prohibition or reduction of the use of hazardous chemicals and the control of their emissions, we will strive to understand the chemical substances contained in our materials.

Information Control

  • ・Information obtained through procurement activities will be properly

Compliance, Corruption prevention


We believe that compliance is a prerequisite for being a company that continues to be trusted by customers, society, and business partners.
In particular, as a company involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging containers, DAIKYO believes that compliance is not limited to observing general laws and regulations, but also requires a very high sense of ethics, including the practice of honest and correct behavior as a human being.
Daikyo has established the "Daikyo Seiko Code of Conduct" based on the above ideas, and we aim to be a company that continues to earn the trust of our customers by ensuring that all employees comply with and practice the code in their daily work.

Internal reporting system "DAIKYO Hotline"

DAIKYO has established the "DAIKYO Hotline," a system that allows employees to report and consult with an external consultation service when they find violations of laws and regulations, harassment, violations of internal rules, or other compliance violations.
"DAIKYO Hotline" has been in operation since June 1, 2022.
The privacy of whistleblowers is protected, and whistleblowers will not be treated unfairly for reporting or consulting.Internal whistleblower response personnel will investigate the content of the report and take corrective action as necessary.


"Guidelines for Transparency of Relationships between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions, etc. "

1.Company policy

Daikyo manufactures pharmaceutical packaging materials and sells them mainly to pharmaceutical companies in Japan and overseas. As a business involved in healthcare,
we are keenly aware of its social responsibility, and in conducting sound business activities,
We believe that it is essential to maintain a high level of ethics and earn the trust of society by ensuring transparency in our relationships with medical institutions, medical professionals, and other parties.
Therefore, we have established "Guidelines for Transparency of Relationships between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions, etc." in line with the "Guidelines for Transparency with Medical Institutions, etc. in the Medical Device Industry" issued by the Japan Federation of Medical Device Industries, and have been working on the following
We will disclose information on the results of funding provided to medical institutions, medical professionals, and other parties in connection with our business activities.

2.Publication method

Information will be disclosed through our website.

3.Schedule of releasing

Information will be released at the end of every fiscal year.

4.Information of scope

Based on the Transparency guideline established by the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations, following A-E information will be released.

A.R&D expenses etc.

  • ・Co-development expenses
    Name of receiving facilities : number of cases, amount
  • ・ Contract research expenses
    Name of receiving facilities : number of cases, amount
  • ・Clinical trials expenses (clinical study expenses)
    Name of receiving facilities : number of cases, amount
  • ・Post-marketing clinical trials expenses
    Name of receiving facilities : number of cases, amount
  • ・Other expenses
    Name of receiving facilities : number of cases, amount

B.Academic research support expenses

  • ・Scholarship donations
    Department, university: number of cases, amount
  • ・General donations
    University (foundation): number of cases, amount
  • ・Academic conference donations
    Conference name and number (area conference, research council): amount
  • ・Others
    Conference name and number (area conference, research council): amount

C.Manuscript writing fees, etc.

  • ・Lecturers fees
    Professor (director), department, university (hospital): number of cases, amount
  • ・Others
    Professor (director), department, university (hospital): number of cases, amount

D.Expenses related to information provision

  • ・Lecture expenses
    Total annual number of cases and amount
  • ・Others
    Total annual number of cases and amount


  • Reception expenses Total annual amount

Information of FY 2021(From 2020 Nov. to 2021 Oct.)

A.R&D expenses etc

  • No expenses reported

B.Academic research support expenses

  • ・Academic research support expenses for 76th Japan Esophageal Society Academic Conference 1,000,000JPY
    No other academic research support expenses reported.

C.Manuscript writing fees, etc.

  • No expenses reported

D.Expenses related to information provision

  • No expenses reported


  • No expenses reported

Decarbonization Initiatives

CO2 reduction target

Global warming is a problem that seriously affects our lives, and we at Daikyo believe that it is our social responsibility as a company to work earnestly to solve this problem.
To this end, Daikyo has set the goal of reducing CO2 emissions (Scope 1+2), the cause of global warming, to "50% reduction by 2030 (2021 baseline)," and is promoting various initiatives, including energy conservation, resource conservation, and the use of renewable energy, to achieve this goal.

Application of Renewable Energy

Effective June 1, 2022, Daikyo has subscribed to TEPCO Energy Partner's "Aqua Premium" green menu. By replacing a portion of the thermal power generated electricity which we have conventionally used, with "zero CO2 emission" electricity generated by the TEPCO Group's hydroelectric power plants, we are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
In addition, each of our plants and offices generate their own electricity by installing solar panels.
We will continue to promote the introduction of renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions.

Contribution to Local Medical Care

Blood Drive

Twice a year, Daikyo Seiko holds blood donation drives at its headquarters, Innovation laboratory, and factories (Haneda No. 1, Haneda No. 2, and Sakae).
About 100 employees donate blood at the Tochigi Red Cross Blood Center twice a year.
We will continue to contribute to blood donation activities.

Sponsorship of local sports teams

Sponsorship support for Utsunomiya BREX

Daikyo has concluded a sponsorship contract with UTSUNOMIYA BREX, a professional basketball team belonging to B.LEAGUE.
UTSUNOMIYA BREX is involved in the promotion of sports in Tochigi Prefecture and various other social contribution activities.
Daikyo will contribute to the local community by supporting their activities.