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A new standard created by successfully eliminating the use of metal


PLASCAP® is a plastic vial cap with a pre-assembled, customized rubber stopper. This translucent solution can be applied for vial containment and for pre-fillable container systems. PLASCAP technology allows one step capping after filling. It is integrated next-generation closure/stopper system for vials, replacing aluminum seals.

PLASCAP® was born from the difficult challenge of eliminating all metals from medical product packaging. Instead of using aluminum caps, which may generate powder during the manufacturing process, PLASCAP®is made of a unique plastic material that can be disposed of by incineration. Furthermore, by combining the cap with a rubber stopper, we have made it possible to perform the filling and seaming processes in one step.

A proprietary pre-assembled plastic cap with a rubber stopper allows one step vial capping, meeting latest regulatory and customer needs making aluminum seals redundant.

No metal used

PLASCAP® is metal-free, making it easy to bring into clean rooms and prevent the generation of metallic foreign matter, a step that is critical in the filling process. PLASCAP® is also designed to be environmentally friendly, as it can be disposed of through incineration. The product is made of a translucent plastic material making it easy to detect foreign matter in the rubber or vial during and after filling.

No crimping required

PLASCAP® eliminates the need for separate processes of filling and crimping the aluminum cap. This improves the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Also, with the introduction of a dedicated filling and sealing machine, it is possible to seal the entire nest at once. If a manual stopper is used, small-lot production of cell and gene therapies products, etc., can also be handled.

Functionality assurance

Our value proposition provides to our customers custom designed, inhouse manufactured fluoropolymer laminated stoppers embedded in a Polypropylene (PP). This combined product from one hand combines decades of our expertise in field of vial containment. In result customers receives a solution that has been tested for container integrity with ISO Glass Vials or our proprietary CZ Vials.



PLASCAP🄬 is registered or trademarks of DAIKYO SEIKO, LTD. in Japan, the United States and other jurisdiction.

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