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Information collected through this form is used to respond to inquiries about the Company’s products, services and more. After we respond to an inquiry, we might process the information in line with the use purposes stated below.

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Note: Please enter accurate information to enable us to provide appropriate responses. Please enter your telephone number if you would like us to contact you via telephone.​

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  • Provide information via e-mail, post, telephone, video conferencing, consulting, and other means in response to inquiries about the Company’s products and requests for documents.
  • Engaging in sales activities, marketing and related business in the form of contracts, proposals from the Company, e-mails to confirm receipt of orders, postal shipping, telephone, video conferencing, consulting and other means
  • Questionnaire surveys conducted via e-mail, post, telephone, video conferencing, consulting, and other means to examine product development and quality improvement measures
  • Contract management, order processing, delivering products, providing support, issuing of invoices
  • If disclosure is requested by a demand under law or a court order

Please read the Privacy Statement (written statement on personal information handling) for information about our personal information inquiry desk and our handling of personal information for purposes other than the use purposes stated herein.

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