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We make the difficult or
“impossible” possible.

CZ Vials

Plastic vials made of Daikyo’s proprietary engineered COP resin, Daikyo CZ, which is highly transparent and ensures stable storage of contents. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Opening up new possibilities in the field of pharmaceutical and medical containers. Daikyo CZ

Break resistant・Wide pH range・Excellent low temperature characteristics・High heat resistance・Excellent drain ability・Unique solvent resistance・No metallic extractables

Daikyo CZ is a plastic material with all the characteristics required for pharmaceutical and medical containers, such as almost no elution at the ion level, high heat resistance and autoclave sterilization capability, good liquid drainage, no cracking, and incineration with almost no ash residue. These characteristics greatly expand the possibilities of medical and pharmaceutical containers, making them suitable for sterilized products and other applications.

Daikyo CZ Vials


Vaccine products

Low molecular weight


Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT)

The chemico-physical properties of Daikyo CZ vials make them suitable for use in many applications, including biologics, vaccines, small molecule formulations and radiopharmaceuticals. They are also available in electron beam-sterilized and high-pressure steam-sterilized versions manufactured through a certified process.

CZ vials: available in small 2mL to large 250mL/1L sizes.

Sterilized CZ Vials

CZ vials and syringes manufactured in ISO7 cleanrooms are sterilized using an electron beam or autoclave and supplied ready-to-use to customers.

Lineup: 2mL/5mL/10mL/50mL/100mL
Sterilization method: Electron beam sterilization or autoclave sterilization
Packaging: Tray

Daikyo CZ🄬 is registered or trademarks of DAIKYO SEIKO, LTD. in Japan.

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