A Message From Our President

Mr. Morihiro Sudo, President and Representative Director of Daikyo Seiko.

DAIKYO specializes in pharmaceutical and medical packaging. As a company that supplies products to medical facilities globally, we are committed to product development and quality control with a laser focus on quality and ease-of-use.
To meet the market and our customers’ demands for rubber and plastic products for vials and syringes, we have adopted “Dynamic Innovation for Life” as our core value and action guideline to further drive innovation. We have also renewed our brand mark to symbolize our determination to create innovative products based on our cumulative knowledge and expertise. As a supplier of packaging used in medical facilities around the world, especially in Japan, the U.S., the EU and other Asian countries, our mission is founded in social responsibility and providing the safest products possible.
We will continue to embrace challenges dynamically, devoting our work to improving the lives and health of people around the world, in every way we can.

President, Daikyo Seiko, Ltd. Morihiro Sudo

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