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Company Philosophy

Please see Daikyo’s corporate philosophy and code of conduct below.

Our management philosophy

Employee wellbeing and CSR activities

Core values

Dynamic Innovation for Life

We develop and manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical and medical packages with high added value, and provide reliable supplies to medical industry workplaces worldwide. Our belief in “the power of life” informs all our business activities.

Lead : Take initiative
Inspire : Be mutually stimulating and enhancing
Foresee : Stay ahead of the game
Explore : Continue the ongoing quest for new knowledge and solutions

Code of Conduct

1. Code of Conduct for business partners (customers, suppliers, etc.)

(1) Sincerity and honesty
We maintain strict professional ethics, act with integrity and with the customer in mind, and conduct our corporate activities in a fair and transparent manner.
(2) Pursuing the highest quality
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and we never compromise. In the manufacture of our products, we comply with all laws and regulations, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), as well as internal regulations, to ensure rigorous quality control.
(3) Fair competition
We comply with the Antimonopoly Law and offer our products through fair and free competition.
(4) Ban on corrupt practices
We do not bribe public officials or foreign officials with money, goods, or entertainment.

2. Good corporate citizenship

We strive to earn the trust of local and international communities, and to contribute to society as active members.

(1) Adherence to the rules of society
As a corporate citizen, we comply with all domestic and international laws, regulations and rules, and strive to act in an exemplary manner based on high ethical standards.
(2) Resolute response to antisocial forces
We will not enter into any form of relationship with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of society, and we will take resolute action against any unreasonable demands.
(3) Social contribution activities
As a good corporate citizen, we actively engage in social contribution activities with the aim of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

3. Workplace code of conduct

In order to grow sustainably as a company and contribute to the customers, suppliers and communities we serve, all Daikyo executives and employees are committed to enhancing their personal and professional skills and to taking up new initiatives with a spirit of challenge.

(1) Growing as citizens
Every member of our company will continue to grow and improve personal and professional skills through our daily work, training and self development.
(2) A spirit of challenge
We strive for continued innovation through a spirit of challenge and the high aspiration to contribute to global healthcare and human health.
(3) Respect for human rights, prohibition of discrimination and prohibition of harassment
We respect the human rights of our employees and do not discriminate against them on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion or belief. Furthermore, Daikyo prohibits sexual harassment and power harassment, and is committed to preventing all forms of workplace harassment.
(4) Fair treatment
We conduct fair and cogent personnel evaluations, transfers and promotions, and treat all our employees fairly.
(5) Employee-friendly workplaces
We aim to provide a friendly working environment that takes health and safety into consideration. We also comply with all laws and regulations relating to labor, health and safety.
(6) Protection of company assets
We will protect and manage the company’s assets appropriately and will never misappropriate them for personal use.
(7) Proper management of documents and information
We apply appropriate controls to all internal documents and information in accordance with established internal rules. In addition, we comply with internal regulations related to information security to prevent information leaks and computer viruses.
(8) Ban on inappropriate entertainment and gifts
We do not accept and will not demand any illegal or inappropriate benefits (money, goods, entertainment, etc.) from suppliers or customers.

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