Superior Performance Characteristics Lineup

Superior Performance Characteristics

About Flurotec Closures

Daikyo Flurotec applied to the drug contact side of pharmaceutical closures greatly reduces interaction between the drug and the closure. Laminations also provide excellent sorption resistance properties. Flurotec closures provide outstanding performance for a range of applications, including lyophilization drugs, infusion products, and liquid and powdered drugs.


  • Low Adsorption
  • Chemical Inactivity
  • Enhanced Drug/Closure Compatibility
  • Gas Permeation Resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Lubricity for Excellent Machinability (eliminates closure sticking and clumping)


  • Lyophilization preparations
  • Powdered preparations
  • Liquid preparations
  • Infusion preparations


  • Open in dust and static free-area (clean room) only, when taking out the contents from inside container.
  • Do not expose the contents to direct sunlight and intense ultraviolet rays.

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